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Technician Software made for a WEB3 world

 8/14/2022 // v0.8.14.22

Christopher L. Greer


This document is solely for educational purposes. Please read this lite paper and any subsequent data on the site attentively to fully appreciate the invention of blockchain and digital money resources, as well as their potential danger. Assess your risk tolerance and make objective decisions. The information in this whitepaper is intended to provide a general overview. This lite paper is primarily designed for discussion and display purposes. $TEC, a suggested utility token that will function as a State Channel on Constellation Network’s Hypergraph, is solely responsible for making this project possible. Nothing in this lite paper should be construed as establishing a business plan or a sale for the venture, nor should it be construed as requesting a contribution or a proposal to purchase any protections in any location. This document was not created by and is not reliant on, any ward’s laws or guidelines, which are designed to ensure financial backers. The lite paper is very close to the upcoming whitepaper but does not show the tokenomics portions and could potentially have other changes made.

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Cybersecurity + Computer Services + Cryptocurrency

A Brief Introduction

The Future – Decentralized Cybersecurity

Cyber security relies on databases and a cyber security tool is only as good as the information compiled inside of its database. Databases need to be extensive and constantly updated. New threats are created and put out into the digital world on a constant basis. All providers from Mcafee to Norton use databases which are centralized. Techware believes the next generation of cybersecurity products need to be built on decentralized networks where individuals are financially rewarded for keeping the database up to date. At the same time, by building a decentralized infrastructure, Techware’s cyber security tools will be more resilient, more secure and cheaper than current offerings. Crypto is currently similar to the wild west and in today’s infrastructure we aren’t seeing cyber security doing enough to protect token holders from phishing attacks and other forms of manipulation, from those that intend to take from those that actively hold or trade cryptocurrencies. What we intend to do is rethink antivirus and other forms of cyber security, by rebuilding these platforms from the ground up, in ways that can better protect the crypto space and help bring WEB3 closer to its intended potential.

The Cybersecurity Market of Today

Cybersecurity is evolving, with many different types of data breaches happening each year. Data breaches have exposed 7.9 billion records in the first 9 months of 2019, which is more than double the amount of data breaches recorded in the previous year.

Global spending for cybersecurity was at an all- time high of $155 Billion by the end of 2021 and is projected to be $172+ Billion by the end of 2022.. Governments across the world have issued recommendations to help businesses develop strong cybersecurity policies in response to today’s growing cyber threats.

In 2020, the cybersecurity market was worth $156.24 billion, and by 2026, it is predicted to be worth $352+ billion. Cloud services, IoT, BYOD, AI, and machine learning propel the need for new solutions in the market and technological advancement on all fronts fuels it further. The growth of M2M/IoT connectivity necessitates a boost in enterprise cybersecurity. With an increasing number of linked devices, such as connected cars, machines, meters, wearables, consumer electronics, and smart cities the need for protecting these fragile networks becomes even more pronounced.

Hackers, data loss, privacy, risk management, viruses, and changing cybersecurity techniques are all constant cybersecurity threats. As new technologies arise and are abused in new or different ways, new attack vectors emerge. As more data is collected, the likelihood of a cybercriminal attempting to steal personally identifiable information (PII) increases.

Cryptocurrency is becoming a huge leap into a new evolving world of technology and with it comes a new set of cyber threats that will need new types of cybersecurity features implemented to provide protection.

Cybersecurity is a term that refers to a collection of technologies and practices that are used to safeguard devices, networks, and data against unauthorized access. Cyber-attacks have created lucrative prospects in the global market. As a result, the rate of incidence of cyber-attacks around the world is one of the factors contributing to the cybersecurity industry’s growth.

The variety of cyber threats grow with increasing connectivity and use of computers, with the most prominent ones being:

  • Virus: A self-replicating program that infects files with harmful code after attaching itself to a clean file that spreads throughout a computer system
  • Adware: A type of advertising software that can be used to distribute malware
  • Spyware: A type of software that secretly records what a user does so that hackers can profit from it – most commonly used for credit card information, passwords, and user data
  • Botnets: Malware-infected computer networks that hackers employ to conduct tasks online without the user’s consent
  • Trojans: Masquerades as genuine software. Users are duped into downloading Trojans onto their computers, which then inflict damage or collect data
  • Ransomware: A type of malware that encrypts a user’s files and data and threatens to delete them unless a ransom is paid

Cybersecurity firms play a critical role in protecting individuals and organizations from cyber threats. They safeguard data, software, networks, finances, and other devices. Cyber-attacks are carried out with the intent of gaining illegal access, destroying or altering data, extorting money from victims through phishing, social engineering, malware or ransomware. Cybersecurity firms assist individuals and businesses in protecting their data and systems against unwanted or illegal access.

Computer or network downtime can wreak havoc on both the financial line and a company’s reputation, demonstrating that the market for keeping systems running reliably is both vast and significant. Thus, protection is required regardless of the size of the firm, but budget constraints make it hard for small- and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) to keep up to date.

The market’s ability to grow is being hampered by a high reliance on old authentication techniques and a lack of preparation. For example, even though security professionals promote identity-management systems such as facial recognition and biometric identification, the majority of organizations still rely solely on usernames and passwords.

It can be difficult to keep up with the constant changes and advancements in assaults, as well as to update practices to protect against them. This is especially true for small enterprises without staff or in-house resources and end-users.  Another problem with cybersecurity is a scarcity of qualified cybersecurity professionals.

However, the biggest shortcoming is that cybersecurity heavily relies on users to submit information and report new threats, without providing an incentive structure. Without user data and permanent updates to databases that flag malicious files and programs, it is impossible to keep databases up to speed with the influx of new threats that emerge every day.

In a nutshell, any cybersecurity software is only as good as the database it is running on, which largely depends on user inputs. This is how the idea for Techware was born.

 Product Vision

Techware offers a product suite for cybersecurity and computer maintenance catered to the needs of home users (consumers) and business users (technicians, enterprises) alike.

The core offering comprises two elements:

  • Techware portal, which allows users to select the respective products they need for regular computer maintenance and optimizing the system. Imagine it like an App-Store where each user can select the products they require in a fully customizable arrangement based on what they already have in operation.
  • Techware Cybersecurity, which is a set of tools ensuring protection against cyber threats. The Cybersecurity suite will start with Antivirus tools, but will be expanded and scaled into different avenues after product launch (for more details, refer to the respective subsection).

Techware Portal

The Techware portal is a solution to redesign the computer services industry. The core functionality of the portal will be enabled and driven by the Techware token, which provides access control, rewarding mechanisms and a fair commission for third party offers to our customers. Our portal will give users access to a vast amount of computer maintenance and cybersecurity tools. For the initial roadmap we concentrate on building the portal to allow governance for selected projects to develop and add useful tech tools. In a nutshell, the portal provides two core functions:

  1. Collaborative platform

We bring together home users, technicians and business users under one common architecture to maximize value for all parties. Users can work together to provide feedback and expertise to collectively improve the tools used to service computers and other devices. The portal will have a simple method for hosted tools to send scheduled and/or real-time data to technicians as well as the end user, to help simplify the process of maintaining computers.

Businesses and home users can monitor and manage all computers they have set up in their account with a simple user interface. The platform will facilitate communication between the different user groups, including a ticketing system, remote access functions, and more. Picture it as a dashboard that gives holistic insight over all managed assets with full control via push/pull communications between end users, technicians, and Techware.

We have designed the portal to provide a closer relationship between technicians and clients, exchange information, and review logs or scans. It is meant to give all parties a common ground to support each other.

  1. Marketplace (Techware Apps Portal)

Imagine an App-Store catered to the needs of computer maintenance and cybersecurity. That is what you get with the Techware portal. Aside from our own tools and solutions, developers will have the ability to submit projects that can plug into the portal and bring more utility to users.

The tech portal will be a central hub that provides all tools needed to safely run and maintain computers. In connection with the collaborative platform functions, users can request unavailable solutions, developers receive a managed marketplace for their tools, and all parties can have direct lines of feedback to improve the offering, similar to an Amazon rating system.

Techware Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity refers to the protection of internet-connected systems from cyber attacks, including hardware, software, and data. The method is used by individuals and corporations to prevent unauthorized access to data centers and other digital systems.

The problem we see with the cybersecurity industry is the fact that the success of the Antivirus Database depends on users submitting items to be added to the database. A database is only as strong as the users submitting to the database for authentication. These users are not paid to participate but the info they send is crucial to the success of the cybersecurity software.

Hackers, data loss, privacy, risk management, viruses, and changing cybersecurity techniques are all constant cybersecurity threats. In addition, new attack vectors, like the internet of things (IoT), increase the need to secure networks and devices. The ever-changing nature of security vulnerabilities is one of the most difficult aspects of cybersecurity.

Furthermore, organizations can collect a wealth of information about individuals who utilize one or more of their services. With more data collected, the likelihood of a cybercriminal attempting to steal personally identifiable information (PII) increases. As businesses acquire and use more data, the demand for cybersecurity professionals to assess, manage, and respond to problems grows.

It can be difficult to keep up with the constant changes and advancements in assaults, as well as to update practices to protect against them. This is especially true for small enterprises without staff or in-house resources. Another problem is the scarcity of qualified cybersecurity professionals.

Techware cybersecurity solutions are designed to adapt to the fast-paced multidimensional environment of potential threats we are facing today. We reward users and technicians for contribution, creating an incentive to get database updates as fast as possible. With our collaborative platform we make sure that new threats are identified and populated quickly and give developers a space to quickly launch new tools to counteract new attack vectors. We also create a decentralized pool of professionals to address the shortage in qualified personnel.

Techware is designed to fix the problem in the cybersecurity industry where the end user is depended on to submit the problem information to the database, but the end user is not rewarded for participating. We will be rewarding token holders when they submit items for research, as well as the information computer technicians give about these items that they come across.

We have created a full-blown computer maintenance suite offering a combination of tools for all tasks hardware owners should perform on a regular basis to keep their equipment secure and stable. These tools include data backups, hard drive defragmenting, hard drive testing / memory testing, registry cleanup tools, software updates, etc. All of these can be set up on a customizable regular maintenance schedule. Over time, the product offering will be expanded to incorporate all functions required by users, while the portal gives our users the ability to request and rate tools, making sure that Techware provides exactly what users need.

The initial product offering will focus on cybersecurity tools (Techware Uninfector, Techware Anti-Infection, and the Techware Antivirus Searchable Online Database) to make sure that core functionality of the product suite is given from day one: 

  • Techware Uninfector

Uninfector is a virus cleanup tool that can be used by technicians, businesses, or home users to scan for and remove infected files from computers. The program examines known locations of the hard drive where viruses are commonly detected quickly and efficiently. If it discovers an infected item, it quarantines it right away and logs the information in the Techware Portal. If unknown program files are found that are not whitelisted in the database and more analysis is needed, users are prompted at the end of the scan to allow further analysis on these files.

  • Techware Anti-Infection

The Techware AI software includes all of the capabilities of the Techware Uninfector program, plus continuous real-time protection. Real-time protection means the program will always try to protect the computer from incoming infected items. If an item is detected on the computer in a specific location that is listed in our Antivirus database, it will immediately be quarantined. This mechanism also applies to portable drives, flash drives etc., protecting the system from malware on end-user devices that are plugged into the hardware.

  • Techware Antivirus Database

The Techware Antivirus Database will be an online database that can be thoroughly searched. Anyone can use our database to search for a certain file or registry item on the computer to determine if it has been blacklisted. Entries are linked to the specific virus name with a list of all known items that are normally found with this virus. Users will be able to click on the virus name to see all items and parts of the computer that are currently known to be infected. That way, they are able to manually delete the infection from the computer or they can use our Uninfector Tool to do it for them.

Techware will have a core team of data analyzers who run tests on submitted files and data to determine whether items are good or bad. This team will help bootstrap the system and will be there to support as the network grows. With a growing user base of tech-savvy users and technicians, the goal is to decentralize validation processes to increase speed and accuracy of database entry analysis using swarm intelligence. Based on metadata and file checksums, we are able to identify duplicates and prevent resubmission and analysis of items that are already validated.

Business Model and Market Potential

Going forward, Techware will build up multiple revenue streams to sustain continued operations and build up a community and network that hosts a large user base, making it attractive to all involved parties. We have designed the business model so that it provides the funds required to make Techware a self-sustaining business while still having our user benefits in mind.

A key element to the success of our business model is our token model and mechanisms that ultimately provide benefits to our users and incentivize them to engage with Techware. Tokenomics, token value, and reward mechanisms will be detailed in the next section.

We do understand that building up a community and scaling the portal / network takes time, which is why we designed our business model in stages. Each stage will support the growth and advancement to the next stage of scaling operations and different stages scale within phases within their own rights. Our revenue streams with a fully scaled company will include:

  • Subscription / license fees 

Techware offers a range of tools and software products for home and professional users. Our basic tool, Uninfector, will be free to use and not require token holding, setting up a wallet or interacting with crypto currencies. In return, it will also not allow users to generate rewards if they are not holding/staking $TEC tokens.

Our premium tools are based on a subscription model, commonly applied to a wide array of software and applications in different verticals. It allows users to have a transparent payment plan and is easy to understand. The difference is that our subscription models come with real-time protection from threats as well as the opportunity to offset costs by receiving rewards through active contribution and making the tools better for all users.

  • Affiliate / marketplace business model with technicians

Opening our portal to technicians unlocks our affiliate business model. Technicians can sell their services and support to users, using our own tools as well as their own tools. We charge an affiliate commission on the subscriptions and services technicians sell to their clients. Technicians will have discounted access to Techware tools, but we receive a kickback off the prices they charge their clients. Our ticketing system allows technicians to complete ad-hoc tasks for users when they have urgent system issues that need attendance. Techware will charge a small fee on the payment made for completion of these tasks.

  • Techware Apps / ecosystem for third party tools (Launchpad)

In the later expansion stage, the Techware portal serves as a community-driven launchpad for cybersecurity and computer maintenance tools provided by third parties, which can be freelance developers, technicians or enterprises. In a nutshell, it allows all kinds of IT professionals to become entrepreneurs and market their software. We charge a listing fee to host these tools and make them accessible to our user -base that includes development support, vetting, and integrations into the Techware ecosystem. Third -party tools can be sold by the vendor through subscription plans or one-time payments and we get a transaction fee for providing the marketplace to host the service exchange.

  • Decentralized malware database as a service

As we scale our core products and user base, our malware database will grow as well. Yet, we fully understand that there are already established companies out there that have delivered pioneering work in the field of malware protection. With proven products and a scaled database, we intend to extend our services and integrate these pioneers. Running on the Constellation Hypergraph Network backend allows us to build a decentralized architecture that can connect malware databases of different providers without forcing them to openly exchange their “secret sauce” with their competitors. Think of it as a neutral data exchange that can enhance each individual database without sacrificing proprietary technologies and ecosystem of the actors. We will charge a subscription fee from enterprises that want to connect to the framework and will implement a usage-based payment structure with a token-based reward mechanism for contributors, similar to the one for end-users.

Business Revenue Plan

An overview of our revenue plan is included here. We did detailed market estimates for each segment in our business plan, which can be disclosed on a need-to-know basis.

Subscription / License fees

The starting point of Techware will be our own tools. We realize that going into the wider consumer segment requires a lot of marketing and sales efforts and explanation work to end users. That is why we decided to launch with a set of tools catered to the needs of crypto users, as it allows us to build up a relevant user base and database for our malware protection services faster. In addition, the concept of token rewards and wallet management is widely known to people who already use crypto, making it easier to position our products in the market.

The Techware crypto cybersecurity suite

We all have heard of attacks on wallet owners, phishing websites, seed phrases getting into the wrong hands or general malicious software like fake browser extensions trying to harm crypto users. Our tools are designed to make the crypto space more secure for its users. The product suite will focus on protection from viruses, trojans, adware, spyware, and attack vectors designed for the crypto space.

We will offer free to use reactive tools like our Uninfector, which can scan the computer to detect malicious code that is already there and remove it. For full protection, we offer the Anti-Infection Crypto Suite that achieves a proactive level of protection as a premium offer. It detects phishing websites, malicious browser extensions, harmful code in smart contracts that try to interact with the user wallet and spyware. The provided tools will warn the user and block execution of programs before they can harm users or compromise wallets.

The free to use version will not require the user to connect a wallet and own our token, but it is only designed for reactive security and will not grant any rewards to the user unless they are holding/staking enough of our tokens. The premium offer will be run as a subscription-based service, either with monthly payments or a discounted annual subscription. To offset these costs, users will receive rewards for reporting malware and contributions to database validation.

For the crypto space we will also build tools that can be used in places like Telegram and Discord. Where many holders are frequently active to discuss new tokens and things going on in the space.  We notice a massive amount of scammers that try to take advantage of these places and try to trick unsuspecting members into going to phishing sites which gain access to their wallets. As a community we can help other communities spread the word about these phishing sites by collecting and sharing information when we see these types of things.  In return we can reward those from the communities that provide helpful information that is added to our databases to be used across many of our programs.

Our crypto wallet feedback portal is a place where members will be able to leave feedback about previous interactions they have had with wallet addresses.  Sort of like the Amazon Marketplace, where users can view reviews between buyers and sellers. This could help you decide if it is a good idea to interact with a wallet before sending your tokens or help you warn others about a bad experience you’ve had with this wallet in the past. With this database of feedback we can build API’s that can be shared throughout the crypto space to help protect people from suspicious activities. This database could potentially be integrated into the send box of a wallet and give senders the option to scan the database for feedback before sending any crypto.

Technician Affiliate / marketplace business model

The Techware Cybersecurity Suite for consumers

Building on the database generated with our crypto products and using the establishment of our first revenue stream, our own product portfolio will be expanded into traditional markets of cybersecurity and computer maintenance. As such, we will offer our tools to a wider audience of regular computer users and the consumer market.

Since the consumer market for cybersecurity and maintenance products is saturated with established products and requires time and large marketing/sales budgets to penetrate, we decided to approach the market over technicians and enterprises. These user groups provide us with a multiplying effect to brand positioning and create a solid base of trust, which is most needed to address consumers.

The market potential calculation for this phase is therefore integrated into Stage 2, as it is delivered through an indirect sales channel, leveraging technicians as brand ambassadors. We do not want to lose focus on developing and delivering our core product at an early stage by blocking in-house resources with the heavy marketing / sales workload required to tap into the consumer market directly.

With the user base generated with our own tools over the first year, we will start the ramp-up of the Techware portal, which will be the central hub for all subsequent market activities. Our goal is to onboard technicians to form the supply side of the platform. Existing users from the crypto market can leverage technicians’ offers, but it will also drive new users into the Techware community.

Offering our tools to Technicians

Technicians serve home users as well as business users (mostly SMEs) and therefore are ideal multipliers as agents of trust that distribute our products to a wider audience without having to explain the benefits of a blockchain backend to each new user. End users already trust their technicians and each technician will drive their established business network to the portal.

Our business model will be affiliate based, meaning we charge a commission of all services / subscriptions sold via the Techware portal, starting with our own tools. Technicians will receive our product subscriptions with a discount compared to the end user and are free to set their own price levels for their services. We will charge a 5% commission on all brokered services via the Techware portal from Technicians.

It is important to note that technicians can become affiliates / resellers of Techware products regardless if they hold tokens. However, if they want to receive rewards from their activities on the portal and for validation services they are required to hold tokens.

Launchpad / ecosystem for third party tools

Allowing Technicians to offer their own tools (Techware Apps portal)

Technicians can be nifty developers as well and we want to support them by giving them a space where they can become entrepreneurs. If they want to offer their own tools or provide users with solutions to problems populated through our portal, we endorse that by giving them the right platform to do so. Picture it as an App-Store or professional forum that provides the space to become creative and market own solutions.

The business model is closely interwoven with the marketplace model of Stage 3 in our scaling plan, so the market potential will be outlined in the next section.

As our user base grows, so do their needs. To ensure our product suite and the Techware portal always stay up to date with current attack vectors and security threats, we want to give our user base the opportunity to create and market their own tools.

Naturally, technicians are more prone towards developing their own tools, but we also give tech-savvy end users / developers a platform for their tools. All entries are vetted and code-audited by Techware to ensure quality and functionality. The portal will have options for beta testing, bug hunting, and community feedback before and after launch.

The business model is akin to the ones commonly known in the App-Store and launchpad space. Creators will be charged a 5% commission for listing to offset our quality checks and direct access to the community. When money is either raised for a new project or a readily developed third-party tool enters the marketplace, Techware will receive a 5% transaction fee for providing the marketplace and facilitating the subsequent exchange and payment of services.

We see a great potential in building up an ecosystem specifically geared to the needs of cybersecurity and computer maintenance solutions. Our rewarding mechanisms for our own tools will be extended to any third party offer, regardless of if the tool is blockchain-based or not. If the tool requires its own token, it can nest within our network and utilize the already existing user base to kickstart the market entry. The ecosystem will also provide an ideal breeding ground for IT professionals with great ideas but lack of marketing or sales skills to bring the solution to market.

Decentralized database as a service

With sufficient user adoption and a long-term validated database, we will offer our architecture to established antivirus players. The goal is to link all malware databases with a blockchain backend layer on Constellation Network’s Hypergraph, thereby enabling all actors to share datasets without giving them to competitors openly.

As with every industry, the true value lies in the application layer. However, for antivirus and malware protection, the database behind it is crucial to functionality. Hence, no player wants to openly share database entries with competitors, even though being able to cross-reference all databases would increase speed of recognition and updates of malware definitions tremendously.

We intend to create a network that enables encrypted data exchange between datalakes and ultimately provides benefits to all users. Our business model is a service provision approach that combines an annual flat fee for access, tiered by company size, and usage-based payment. The latter is integrated to incentivize fair contribution to the network by all parties and prevent leaking of data without providing it. We will also integrate a token reward system for contributors – thanks to the Hypergraph’s Layer 0 technology we can track the origin of data and all consumers of data can reward the content creator by paying for the provided datasets.

Decentralized Database Flowchart:

  • Launch of database as a service network to provide access to “Mined Malware” (think of it as a near real time, micro-transaction incentivized, bug bounty network)
  • 3rd Party antivirus vendors gain access to a shared database of signatures through subscription/membership model – perhaps a leech/share ratio is established for each member to dictate the membership fees and/or TEC token rewards.
  • Onboarding of corporate clients for shared database solutions (fortune 500s, etc.)
  • Securely share intellectual property (malware definitions or sensitive metadata) without exposing it to competition (explore TEEs and/or secure multi-party computation)
  • Onboarding of government entities to create common framework for sharing and aggregating vulnerabilities over a decentrally validated & interoperable database.


Phase 1

  • Finalization of whitepaper
  • Finalization of tokenomics and business plan
  • Seed round
  • Preparation of token launch
  • Demo products: Techware Uninfector, Anti-Infection, and Database
  • Hire more developers
  • Start of state channel development
  • Begin development of new databases (Submission DB, Whitelist DB, and Blacklist DB)
  • Update the current version of Techware Uninfector to work with new databases

Phase 2

  • Private / VC sale
  • Team scale-up
  • Begin Developing v2.0 of Techware Uninfector to optimize code, utilizing v1.0 as reference
  • Build analyzer, technician, and user portals with ability to view computer scan logs and user submitted data
  • Develop API for Crypto Wallet Reputation
  • Partnerships with established crypto companies and networks
  • Public sale and launch
  • Build Technician landing page (this is where they send clients to download Uninfector in a way that easily links the client to them as affiliates)
  • Develop $TEC token reward system on Constellation Network’s Hypergraph testnet
  • Develop reputation points system for submitted items
  • Add wallet connection into backend portals

Phase 3

  • Release Techware Uninfector v2.0 Beta
  • Begin Bug Bounty for Techware Uninfector
  • Release Official Techware Uninfector v2.0
  • (AI) Develop Techware Anti-Infection v2.0 (Application)
  • (AI) Real-time protection engine
  • (AI) Real-time phishing protection
  • (AI) Release Techware Anti-Infection v2.0 Beta
  • (AI) Begin bug bounty for Techware Anti-Infection
  • (AI) Begin offering subscriptions to Techware Anti-Infection v2.0
  • (AI) Release official Techware Anti-Infection v2.0
  • Begin allowing users to subscribe to Techware Anti-Infection v2.0
  • Marketing activities and beginning of user onboarding

Phase 4

  • Scale-up of user base
  • Development to expand Technician portal to offer extra services and set custom subscription prices
  • Development of promo code creation for Technicians
  • Extension of partnerships in crypto space
  • Start of Techware Apps portal development
  • Start of Online Searchable Antivirus Database

Phase 5

  • Alpha testing of Techware Apps portal
  • Alpha testing of Online Searchable Antivirus Database
  • Beta testing new technician portal services and custom subscription prices
  • Beta testing promo code creation for Technicians
  • Begin bug bounty for new Technician portal services and custom subscription prices
  • Begin bug bounty for promo code creation for Technicians

Phase 6

  • Release new Technician portal services and custom subscription prices
  • Release promo code creation for Technicians
  • Beta testing of Techware Apps portal
  • Beta testing of Online Searchable Antivirus Database
  • Begin bug bounty for Techware Apps portal
  • Begin bug bounty for Online Searchable Antivirus Database
  • Allow third parties to submit project ideas for the Techware Apps portal

Phase 7

  • Release Online Searchable Antivirus Database
  • Governance to select third party projects
  • Release Techware Apps Portal
  • Release Online Searchable Antivirus Database
  • Begin Launching third party projects into the Techware Apps Portal

Techware Token ($TEC)

Techware Ecosystem Currency

Powered By: Constellation Network

General token layout

The Techware token utilizes Constellation Network’s Hypergraph due to its infinite scaling capabilities and its feeless transactions. This will allow us to have optimal tx speeds for users around the world that are submitting information to our databases. This speed is very crucial to ensure our tools provide our customers with the best experience possible. The feeless capabilities allow us to run our business on the network without having to pay the network variable fees compared to other similar chains like Ethereum, which avoids our token holders and end users from having to pay any gas fees whatsoever. Constellation Network is the only DLT we could find that put thought into how crypto can logically be integrated into the real world in a way that can support mass adoption. Therefore it was the only network that could provide Techware with the capabilities it needs to bring our platform to life and ensure its chance of long term success.

Home and business users

Our tools will be accessible to crypto and non-crypto users. As such all tools can be used without holding tokens. For the premium tools this simply means the user pays for the software.

All users who pay for a subscription will get an immediate reward in tokens if they set up a wallet while booking the subscription. We will make it as easy as possible for users to interact with the wallet and tokens, but want to give them freedom of choice. All unique reward functions will be limited to token holders.

Businesses and home users are rewarded when holding / staking Techware tokens for activities that support the Techware community. These activities include submitting information about files and registry items found on computers that are not included in the database or becoming a validator for submitted data.

Token holders are rewarded for helping us build our database when our Techware programs find anything they do not recognize. Users that stake tokens will be granted the option to vote on file(s) they submit as a preliminary rating. Thereby each user can become part of the validation process.

The information given to us by end users not only helps us build a robust Antivirus Database, but also provides us with vital information to help us learn what types of software is running on computers around the world. With this information we can implement more innovative features into our applications. For instance our Techware Anti-Infection software will have a gamer mode that can limit the amount of resources used by our software while a gamer is playing a specific game that end users may have submitted to our database.

In addition, our ticketing system implements a token-based bounty hunter system that allows users to attach a reward to tasks they need technicians to perform (e.g. validating a file). Thereby, users can set a higher reward for mission-critical checks and ensure priority over other queued requests.


As with users, we do not want to create barriers to entry, thus, technicians can use our tools and resell them without holding tokens or interacting with crypto. However, that also means they will not be rewarded and simply pay for the software.

Logging into the Techware Portal will be possible for all technicians, but only token holders will have access to premium functions like the ticketing system or the launchpad.

Technicians will be rewarded with a percentage of Techware tokens every time a client pays for a service the Technician provides through the portal, a purchase of any Techware software, and any payments a client makes for subscriptions through this Technician.

Technicians who are staking tokens are rewarded for improving the Techware Antivirus Database by evaluating and validating information about files/registry items and thereby contributing to our flagging system. In addition, technicians receive bounties for completing user-generated tasks.

Reward Mechanism

For every added entry (file / dataset) to the database, there is a fixed token reward. The amount that is rewarded is based on how many users have contributed to the final validation and the amount of tokens each respective user holds/stakes in their wallet.

To avoid spamming, our tokens have a governance function for validation that is factored into the individual rewards: any time a validator flags a file as bad when it is found to be good or vice versa, it will lower this validator’s reputation within the network. A lower reputation also translates into lower rewards for that user, thereby creating an incentive mechanism to analyze files thoroughly and act in the best interest of the community.

The governance function follows a push/pull principle to drive validation. If additional votes on a dataset are required, rewards can be increased for the specific case. As soon as the file has reached final validation status, there will be no additional rewards for validation or submission of duplicates.

Users that only submit files will not be affected by this mechanism, as only new files and data counts towards rewards. Duplicate entries are automatically weeded out by constant cross-referencing with the database upon scans and will not receive submission rewards.

Access rights

Universal to all target groups, tokens represent access rights to use the Techware portal. Each user that wants to leverage the benefits of the portal will be required to hold a minimum threshold of tokens. This access barrier will be kept low to not exclude users and will be coupled to a staking mechanism to incentivize holding the token and offset upfront costs through staking rewards.

The staking mechanism will be achieved through liquidity pools, so that the liquidity of tokens grows proportionally to the user base.

Marketplace and Third-Party offerings

Besides access rights, our tokens also play an important role for the portal and marketplace therein. The portal will allow developers, enterprises, and technicians to offer third-party software and tools after being vetted by Techware. As such, the portal becomes the breeding ground for an ecosystem of cybersecurity and computer maintenance tools that can utilize their own tokens or our token to provide blockchain based functions to users. In easy terms, our portal offers the services of a launchpad specific to the theme of cybersecurity / computer tools.

Our token is used for transaction and handling fees (commission payments) for all services and products exchanged via the Techware portal. If third parties want to launch their own product and/or use their own tokens they need to obtain our token to be eligible for it. In addition, Techware receives a listing and handling fee to provide the platform and access to a wider user-base and technician network.


$TEC Token Staking:

We will have various ways $TEC tokens can be staked.

The early uses for our token would come in ROI staking options. We will allocate specific amounts of tokens, for set durations, which will be used to reward stakers based on the amount of tokens they stake.

Later in our roadmap we will release many different ways that our community will be able to get involved within our ecosystem and be rewarded for it. By helping contribute to our databases, each member will be able to build reputation points to unlock governance opportunities and receive reward multipliers.

Holding specific amounts of tokens or reaching specific reputation statuses can also unlock other features from within our portals to utilize more tools and/or access other token/nft rewards.

Data Validation Reward Pool:

A fixed pool of L_0 $TEC tokens will be allocated for the use of rewarding node operators that we utilize to validate and secure the data that we send across the Hypergraph. We would onboard node operators as needed.


Marketing is built into the very essence of Techware itself. By offering Techware Uninfector as a free product to perform virus cleanup actions, it self markets the Techware AI real-time protection subscription services. Furthermore; the Techware Antivirus Searchable Online Database allows anyone around the world a method to easily find our products while performing a search for the name of a process or file that they may see on their computer. If they find our site through a search like this, they can find more information about this file, as well as information on how to manually remove the virus. During the visit to our site they can find links and details on how and why they should download our tools to automate the process for them and how they can be rewarded with our token.

Technicians can also be rewarded by sharing their own Techware landing pages with affiliate links to download the software, which will link users to them, so that they can offer help and input on end-user scans. Technicians will be able to easily offer their Techware services on tech related websites and forums around the world. The Techware Apps portal is also a simple method for technicians to offer products and services to their own clients.

To build our antivirus database, we will create many different types of ways for users to submit data. For instance; developing Telegram and Discord bots that chat rooms can use to help us gather phishing websites. These bots not only help these groups and users collectively protect their rooms, but also tend to help promote our own platform.

We plan to utilize services like Alkimi Exchange, which is another project running on the Constellation Network Hypergraph, to create online ads that are shown across the internet and on tech websites. Our digital marketing team will help us promote on social media and other types of platforms.

Review of our Team

Christopher Greer – CEO

Founder and Chief Executive Officer for Techware Labs, Inc.

Almost 20 years experience in computer services, software development and cybersecurity. Founded and managed multiple online software development forums. Chris has been recognized in some of the top computer tech magazines around the world, for software tools he has created to help others perform computer services and maintenance tasks. Currently a Community Lead at Constellation Network helping members learn the benefits to its Hypergraph web3 distributed ledger technology and the benefits to merging cryptocurrency into real-world applications.

TJ DiNapoli – COO

Founder and Chief Operating Officer for Techware Labs, Inc.

Decades of experience in PC repair, design, sales and virus removal. Award winning educational instructor for cyber security awareness and software along with organizational improvement. Experienced with designing hardware to improve functionality of major industrial cleaning equipment using proportional valving and blending concepts.

Joseph Brinson – Project Manager

Mechanical engineer with 12 years of experience in design, development and commercialization of innovative products for the global markets of two fortune 500 companies. Individual contributor for multiple awarded U.S. patents that supported cost-effective manufacturing processes and products designs. Served as a technical project manager for several multi-million dollar programs showcasing strong technical leadership, strategic planning, resource allocation, and team building. Joseph is also a crypto investor and enthusiast and is extremely active in the Constellation Network community and ecosystem since 2019.

Mayank Sood – Full Stack Developer

Experienced Blockchain and Full stack developer, really passionate about helping the world create new web3 technologies. He has helped businesses, communities and individuals create their dream blockchain projects built on top of Ethereum. He has over 11 years of experience in web development and 4+ years of experience with solidity programming using hardhat and ethers.js for backend and React.js and Vue.js for integrating smart contracts with front end applications.

Sebastian Spitzer – Advisor

Intrapreneur, business builder, networker and technology scout.

Originally started in marketing, Sebastian ventured into innovation and has built up innovation processes and networks in 3 different verticals. He manages the funnel from ideation to pilots and scaling, and successfully transitioned companies to agile innovation using lean startup and design thinking concepts. Besides pitching 30+ business concepts at CxO level, he scaled-up 2 concepts as an intrapreneur, adding 2m+ of annual turnover within the first 2 years to market.  He loves working with creative minds and supports start-ups on their journey through value proposition, business plan, strategy and market fit. He is actively immersed in global VC and start-up ecosystems and has built a strong footprint in the Blockchain industry since 2016 as a tech scout, advisor and consultant. He supported 2 projects from inception to reaching 200m+ market caps and assists’ dealflow activities for a VC in the space, analyzing projects along their tech, team and market and working closely with founders to ensure their success.

Benjamin Diggles – Advisor

Chief Strategy Officer – Constellation Network Employee | US Citizen

Benjamin Diggles has been an active participant in web, software development, and digital design for 20 years from both practitioner and leadership positions. Based in Portland, Oregon, Benjamin has effectively worked with startup and enterprise companies driving strategy for Fortune 500 companies in the digital space. With a focus on big data, mobile and scale, Benjamin has a passion for building, mentoring and inspiring teams to collaborate cross-departmentally in order to drive true sustainable strategic results. Before working with Constellation, Benjamin held leadership positions for Oracle and Webtrends, and he stays actively involved in many industry projects as an advisor or partner. In 2019, Benjamin participated in the Oregon Enterprise Blockchain Venture Studio as an Entrepreneur in Residence to guide Blockchain startups in aligning with Oregon Enterprise company use cases. Benjamin is also a member representing Constellation Network on the Portland State University Blockchain Business School Board of Advisors and is actively working with the State of Oregon on new legislation around personal data ownership.

Dr Linden Leadbetter – Advisor

A former derivatives trader, medical doctor and MBA graduate. He is the founder of Ultimate bio, a biotech company, and the co-founder of JennyCo, a crypto healthcare project. He is driven by guiding early stage projects through from concept to seed and onwards to a full working product. He brings a wealth of crypto knowhow, business knowledge and contacts.

SethV – Advisor

14 year career in the digital forensics incident response industry advising public and private sector clients on developing technical strategies for collecting, managing, and analyzing data to support digital forensic investigations.


Criptix – Advisor

Studied Computer Science and has been researching blockchain technologies since 2013. Active in the DeFi and Constellation Network Ecosystem regarding business development, community management and marketing.

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